Web Lecture by Janet Hegarty: HOW TO MAKE CHANGE FOR THE BETTER

December 2, 2021 @ 7:30 pm
Sponsored by Plymouth, MI Christian Science Church
Webinar URL: ChristianScienceinPlymouth.com/lecture
tel:734 453 0970

Webinar URL: ChristianScienceinPlymouth.com/lecture
Call to listen: 312 626 6799
Access code: 841 9430 4968#  Passcode: 605874

Janet Hegarty

Speaker: Janet Hagerty knows the value of a strong foundation. Her life improved when she began building on new views of herself and her identity, which sprang from a better concept of God. This better concept of God, learned through her study of Christian Science, brought healing changes to her life in a way that was deep and lasting.

Christian Science teaches that God is not merely sometimes good or just a little bit good, but all good, only good, always. To think of God as pure goodness was, to Janet, new and life-changing. In this talk, Janet shares about her discovery and how we can all build a stronger foundation on God’s goodness and experience the life-changing results.


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