April 14, 2018 @ 2:00 pm
Midland Center for the Arts (Lecture Rm)
1801 W St Andrews Rd
Midland, MI 48640
(720) 810-3141

Heloísa Gelber Rivas

Heloísa Gelber Rivas, CSB — What can we do to maintain our health and our bodies? Our society offers many forms of health maintenance and therapies. The gym, the spa, exercise classes, diets, and so on, occupy a great deal of our thought and time. This approach is not new. 2,000-some years ago, one of the dominant cultures of the time–the Greco-Roman culture–included a heavy focus on cultivating the health of the physique and stressing the importance of physical beauty. So when Christ Jesus appeared on the scene, preaching an opposite kind of existence–one that is not earthly, material, or physical and yet still filled with beauty and health, his preaching was not readily accepted.

Nevertheless, what Jesus’ example showed about the nature of God and God’s kingdom would impact more than just the people whom he healed during his ministry. It would also restore the health of those who, centuries later, embraced as fact God as Spirit, and all existence as God’s likeness, purely spiritual. One of Jesus’ more recent followers was Mary Baker Eddy, a committed student of the Bible and fervent Christian. She felt she discovered the divine laws that govern this existence, spiritual reality, which help anyone experience health and harmony in the way Jesus modeled.  She healed many, and went on to explain her discovery in her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures so that others would do the same.

Because this textbook focuses on a spiritually scientific approach to health, it helps us discover that reliable health and real beauty can be maintained by understanding the nature of God’s kingdom in and of Spirit, here and now. Then we find that health is a natural part of genuine spirituality.

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